Aribeth Tirabade

Leader of Eaglewatch


Aribeth’s achievement of being accepted as a force of good is understandable when you see her. Her demonic heritage is very evident and it is understandable why people have judged her the way they do. Her black hair with crimson eyes don’t do much to help relay her benevolent nature. She has the notable demonic horns and tail. Perhaps most unusual is the vestiges of wings that lay on her back, both feathered and scaled. Rumors of a fallen angel out for redemption are something the townsfolk gossip about.


Aribeth Tirbade has fought long and hard to be recognized as a force of good, and is proud to be a full fledged member of the Eagle Watch. After tears of facing others’ suspicion, she finally gained widespread public acceptance after exposing another’s treachery.

Aribeth Tirabade

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