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  • Enya Tirabade

    From her rough origins as a child of the streets, Enya grew up full of wanderlust and desires to see the world. Her travels took her to strange lands where she saw many wonderful things, but never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she would wind up in …

  • Erendriel Arellynal

    A wizard devoted to closing the rifts between worlds. Erendriel bears a deep hatred of demons as a result of his battles in the Worldwound, but his greatest passion is seeing the borders between his world and other worlds reinforced.

  • Aribeth Tirabade

    Aribeth Tirbade has fought long and hard to be recognized as a force of good, and is proud to be a full fledged member of the Eagle Watch. After tears of facing others' suspicion, she finally gained widespread public acceptance after exposing another's …

  • Harrison Gwerm

    A danger filled youth instilled in Harrison Gwerm the desperate desire to live a safe life. He long ago vowed that lack of money would not be the determining factor in his death, and is fanatically devoted to acclimating wealth so he can purchase more …

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