Born a slave well inside the Worldwound, Nox was simply known as
‘slave’ to the various owner’s he had for the entirety of his life. His
father, as he was told by his first owner, was killed for resisting
enslavement back when the Worldwound opened; His mother murdered
immediately after giving birth, for raising a slave is much easier with
no parental influence.

Though an effective beast of burden as well as a decent gladiator in
the slave pits, Nox never needed much more than his natural strength to
overcome any task given to him by his masters. Most of his youth was
simply glossed away in front of him, he was neither concerned nor knew
any better as his various owners squabbled and killed each other for
their possessions. Death in fact was a near daily occurrence around
him, his master’s making a point of making sure their pet never learned
much about social interaction aside from how to obey and follow orders
as he lived it all by in a bliss filled state of innocence.

Youthful and lonely minds however, tend to occupy themselves. Nox
started to attempt to make friends with nearly anyone he met that
stayed alive longer than several days, which, unfortunately for him and
said “friend” usually meant their removal or death soon after. Quickly
realizing this, Noxs’ mind retreated inwards, starting to make friends
of his own, out of the reach of his master; or at least he thought they
were. These friends became even more vivid one day, when Nox witnessed
a small incursion from the crusades to rescue an aasimar that had been
captured and was being escorted to be executed. The incursion failed,
but their passion and battle veracity was sublimely inspiring to him as
he watched the entire team fight to their last off in the distance.

His current master Octavia, a young succubus specialized in matters of
the mind, caught on to Nox’s retreats and delighted in pushing the
issue by testing a new psycic spell she learned on him. Waiting for
things to settle a bit, she intruded on one of his retreats, tickled
pink to find out he was playing out a scene of carefree exploration
with his imaginary friends: Wilbur the small earth elemental, and Kit
the newly found tiny angel as they happily explored underground tunnels
and caves. In a gruesome display of willpower, Nox watched in broken
silence as his friends were betrayed by the earth itself, dismembered
and crushed right in front of him. A poignant message of how powerless
he was, how little he meant, less than the worms in the dirt he walked
upon. She was certain that he was finally broken, one less loose end
slave to worry about.

Then, a sinking feeling of dread washed through the mental link like a
tidal wave of fear over her mind…

His mind, like a pristine mirror hanging in a cloud of innocence, a
veil born out of subconscious self defense and negative reinforcement;
shattered to the gentle ring of falling broken glass. In that hanging
moment, several realizations hit her; First, he was a lot smarter than
even she had anticipated, explaining why his previous master seemed so
eager to get rid of him. Secondly: removing that veil caused him to
suddenly put together all of the manipulation of all his previous
masters and, not in the least, hers through the spells mental link,
open just long enough like a paved, painful highway to the truth.

What was once innocence, became anger, what was curiosity, became
hatred. Engulfed in rage, Nox lost himself on a rampage, having to be
forcefully subdued before he got to his now very regretful master.

A close call, a lot of minor servants dead, but all was not lost for
her; A new opportunity presented itself. Another minor lord nearby was
in need of a strong subject for a ritual, it didn’t matter to her what

that ritual was, he was willing to trade a rather large book full of
spells and several strong magical items for her now “useless” minion
Octavia was all too eager to get rid of. Grumbling’s were minimal and
tensions high as she kept Nox subdued through any means necessary until
safely out of her sight for good.

A hazy awakening found Nox face to face with his new master
Gerontious, a human half fiend. Skin a notable shade of red with golden
eyes and a well kept appearance meant he wasn’t young either, and the
small army of servants bustling behind him helped punctuate his

“You’ve finally awoken minion. I hope you’re worth the price of getting
you here because quality test subjects are in short supply around here”

Casting a rather annoyed glare at the far wall, a ritual site at least
a hundred across with a heap of desecrated corpses symbolically off to
the side. The chamber itself was the largest Nox had ever been in, most
likely a castle. The other 3 wings of the chamber looked to be for
research and observation around the center ritual wing.

“Let’s cut the pointless gossip though, if I’m lucky you won’t have a
mind of your own soon and this blasted ritual will finally be

Not a word came from Nox as he and Gerontious stared each other down
for a very long moment.

“Not a whimper?… no begging for your life?, no ‘why are you doing
this’? …not even a trace of fear… I do believe I’ve hit the jackpot
with you minion; You’re going to make a beautifully terrifying thrall
once this is over, however you’ll still need to be stress tested before

With a snap of his finger lucidity became a waking nightmare for Nox as
he was immediately put through what felt like and eternity of torture.
Over and over his mental state was assaulted, limits tested, sanity
eroded away, memories both twisted and erased as Gerontious paved his
mind and soul away for whatever the ritual had in store for Nox. As
time went on Nox’s restraints became more and more elaborate,
eventually encased in an adamantine body cast. His only remaining
emotions left being rage and hatred, leaving him feral at best in what
little time he was conscious.

The day of the ritual was finally at hand. In huge chains Nox was
placed on the ritual site as six servants dressed in elaborate white
and black cultist robes holding vials of blood formed the outer circle
around him. The air became heavy with energy as several hours of

casting followed by five of the blood vials being poured into a huge
wound made by the cultists tearing off his secondary arms, the final
vial poured directly down Noxs’ throat, causing him to reel back in
agony. It was… cold?… a cold burn that felt like molten lava mixed
with the frozen sting of all heat being ripped away from his body as
the blood clawed its way through his veins into his battered soul.

With a wicked grin Gerontious gave the que to his executioner, a
grizzly old ogre carrying a massive axe, lumbered up to to the alter
and brought his axe to bear. Still pinned to the alter in pain, a
desperate resolve began to rumble up as Nox somehow found some fight
left somewhere in his wracked, tired mind.

“This…this is not how I want to die… I swear whether in this life
or the next I will make them pay in blood… I swear retribution on
every last demon that stains this world with it’s presence… I

The distinct ring of a sword clash echoed through the halls as
everything around Nox suddenly came to a silent standstill save himself
and the axe, now mere inches from his head, seemed to fade away from
vision as a metallic voice boomed its way out from the blade.

“…Any fool can give his life away for nothing. What are you willing
to take? …Tell me, how far are you willing to go to take back what is

“Anything… Everything… What ever it takes”

“…Good answer”

An ethereal giant, clad in black spiked plate materialized with his
blade holding the executioners’ axe in place. He reached down and
grabbed Nox around the neck with his free hand, lifting Nox up with
ease to match him eye to eye. With a voice that boomed like the
thunderous roar of a battlefield, the giants’ words burned a
proclamation directly upon Noxs’ soul.

“You who has nothing, everything sacred ripped away from you and left
to be used as a puppet. I hereby give you the tools of your enemies,
your slave masters, use them to exact the retribution you seek. Take
their weapons, cleave them asunder as they tore at you. Take their
guise, wear it and mock them as you rip their frail machinations apart.
Take this blood, the very strings meant use you as a puppet and relish
the rush of knowing the one thing tearing down everything they build
and abuse is nothing but the very seeds they sowed. With these tools
you will not stop, not for death, not for pain, nothing until the
worldwound itself is cleansed and your retribution has claimed every
demonic stain open this world. No, exceptions, even those non demonic
that give themselves over to temptation. Until that moment comes to
pass you serve the Lord in Iron, Gorum. Now rise, acolyte of battle,
your war is about to begin and the champions of light are waiting.”

In one swift motion, the suspended blood and pain rushed back through
him and then out as Noxs’ body underwent a drastic transformation. The
cold burn became a comforting pillar that stood him straight again, the
gaping wound on his chest closed as his back shell plates merged
together then segmented apart into massive wings. His form shrunk
slightly as all his torn muscles reformed and condensed along with two
ridged horns grew from his skull. His eye’s became reptilian with a
icy white color to match the howlite white and black shift in his
shell and skin pattern.

At the same time the giant kicked his sword up and disappeared, raising
the axe away from Nox just long enough for him to grab it away from the
ogre and bite it’s head clean off. Gerontius didn’t have time to react
more than simply looking up in confusion and horror, as in the same
motion Nox spun around with the axe in hand and split Gerontius clean
in half on the spot, sinking the axe well into the ritual floor
shattering the magic symbols. Slowly looking up from the most
satisfying moment of his life, a guttural growl turned into an ear
piercing screech as Noxs’ battle cry drowned out the sounds of carnage.

Not a soul was left standing as Nox rampaged out of the now dead
Gerontius’ keep, forging his way across the landscape to the major city
of Kenabres. As the last vestiges of the giants’ influence faded away,
leaving him with enough sense of direction to find his way, Noxs’ mind
was left silent in the back draft of what had transpired.

After several days of autonomous travel, thoughts began to work their back to him,
then suddenly a spark of excitement washed over him, something he’d
forgotten after all the torture, causing him to sink to his knees in a
moment of profound happiness. Tears found their way to the ground as
all sorts of questions erupted in his mind, what were angels really
like? What it really as free as he had imagined? People working
together in peace and harmony as he heard so many demon’s openly

All these thoughts gave him a newfound spring to his step and he
doubled his pace towards the guardian crystal over Kenebras, a beacon
now in visible sight. As he got closer to the city, the guard captain
and her knights were out on patrol, both the patrol and Nox noticed
each other at the same time. Nox was speechless as he witnessed the
guard captain, a elven half angel, standing stoically across the valley
staring back with a discerning look. He was so overwhelmed with
excitement and possibility he was too distracted to notice the two
dwarven archers draw a bead on him.


The air hung heavy for a long moment as the hope drained away from Nox
like water down a sink. The two arrows planted on either side of his
chest were nothing more than drops in the torrent of betrayal Nox felt
as he buckled over from the sheer undertow of sadness.

“Never seen a demon like that before, forgive me captain I fired out of
fear at the sight of the damned thing.”

The guard captains’ gaze held on Nox for a long moment before she
responded to her subordinate

“Put that thing in chains and bring it back to the city, something’s
about it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t need any random demon
incursion catching us off guard right before the festival, wizard put a
sleep spell on that thing before it comes to. I want to question this
thing before it gets executed.”

All four of her company stared on her in stark confusion for a moment
before one of the dwarves spoke up

“Beg your pardon captain but what the devil? it’s big, it’s ugly, it’s
a demon, why risk having that thing in the city to act as an in incase
more come along?”

“I won’t repeat myself soldier, now hurry up.”

Her gaze didn’t leave Nox as the drawf grumbled and a cart was brought
out to haul Nox into the city. A look of disbelief never left her
demeanor as she had him bound in shackles and prepped for interrogation.
However rumors of a white devil being brought into the city spread fast
and she was pulled away to quell them and prevent the mayor of the city
from pitching a fit again.

When the sleep spell wore off and Nox slowly faded back to
consciousness, the familiar clink of shackles dispelled any hope he
almost had of it all being a cruel dream. Opening his eyes to see cell
bars and a ramshackle bed with several guards outside his cell glaring
at him, Nox couldn’t help but feel…sad, disappointed, especially after
one of the guards piped up.

“Better be thankful to be alive in there demon, and comfortable, I
don’t know what captain Talya is thinking, but your scum ass is going
to be executed soon anyways. Tis bad luck to bring prisoners in during
the festival.”

Nox’s anger flared and just as he was about to attempt to break free, a
large commotion was heard outside that made everyone in the room stop
and several guards go running out to respond.

Little did anyone in the room know the commotion was only getting


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