Wrath of the Righteous

Campaign and Party music ideas

Side note, vippy has rough drafts of everyone made up if you want to ask her to see them

Welshly Arms : Legendary  (totally should be our team theme song)

Pentakill:  Lightbringer  (league song, easy fit in this campaign)

Mischa (Book Chillak feat Esthero): Ready Or Not  (good fight song for the team)

Cult to Follow: Leave it all behind (song that gave me inspiration for nox)

State of Mine: Rise

All Good Things: Fight / Get up (both catchy good songs, personally love get up)

The Brothers Bright: Awake o sleeper (religous song with a heavy tone)

The Brothers Bright: Blood on my name (similar heavy tone)

Sixx AM: This is gonna hurt (another good fight song)


Just some things to stir the imagination a bit.



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