Wrath of the Righteous

Prelude to the Beginning

The stuff going on prior to the campaign

For several weeks, excitement hs been building in Kenabres— Armasse is coming! Traditionally an opportunity for scholars and priest to come together to study the lessons of hisory from wars past, however this holy day has become more about training commoners in weaponry, choosing squires, and ordaining new priests. Over time, Armasse has grown to encompass jousting competitions, mock duels, battle reenactments and other festival events. The festival is eagerly anticipated, for it provides distraction from the horrors of being on the front lines of war. Smiles on faces normally marred by downcast eyes and furrowed brows do wonders for the city morale in the weeks leading up to the event.

Armasse is a citywide celebration but the majority of the events, take place at Clydwell Plaza just west of the cathedral. Currently all are gathering here for the opening ceremonies at noon as well as the introductions to the new recruits to the Mendevian Crusades. Hulrun Shappok, the Lord of Kenabres will be the one to be giving the opening speech.



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