Golarion Gods

Golarion draws the interest and intervention of many deities, including some ascended from its ranks of mortal races through supernatural forces such as the Test of the Starstone. These deities are often grouped by their followers' region or race, though their power is rarely limited to such demographics. Others still have faded from relevance but still exist, and a handful have died. Some people worship the gods, but others choose to worship great powers such as Ancestral Spirits, Archdevils, Demon lords, Empyreal lords, Four Horsemen, Great Old Ones, Infernal dukes, Malebranche, or Whore queens.


The Primary Gods

Abadar  — Master of the First Vault – God of cities, law, merchants, and wealth

Asmodeus – Prince of Darkness – God of contracts, pride, slavery, and tyranny

Calistria – The Savored Sting – Goddess of lust, revenge, and trickery

Cayden Cailean – The Drunken Hero – God of bravery, ale, freedom, and wine

Desna – Song of the Spheres – Goddess of dreams, luck, stars, and travelers

Gozreh – The Wind and The Waves – God of nature, the sea, and weather

Irori – Master of Masters – God of history, knowledge, and self-perfection

Lamashtu – The Mother of Monsters – Goddess of madness, monsters, and nightmares

Nethys – The All-Seeing Eye – God of Magic

Norgorber – The Reaper of Reputation – God of greed, murder, poison, and secrets

Pharasma – Lady of the Graves – Goddess of birth, death, fate, and prophecy

Rovagug – The Rough Beast – God of destruction, disaster, and wrath

Sarenrae – The Dawnflower – Goddess of healing, honesty, redemption, and the sun

Urgathoa – The Pallid Princess – Goddess of disease, gluttony and undeath

Zon-Kulthon – The Midnight Lord – God of darkness, envy, loss, and pain

Notable Demigods

(More in-depth information will be provided for the highlighted gods)

Golarion Gods

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